Chief of Police                                                    
Bruce Bradshaw​                                                                            ​                                                   ​

Dept. Secretary/Records Mgr.                             Angela Henson (Notary)

Lieutenant                                                            Ed Dyson

Investigator                                                         Jason Norton

Code Enforcement Officer                                   Pat Pressley           
Report a Code Violation

Officers:                                                               Michael Cotton
                                                                            Jared Spohn
                                                                            Doug Johnson
                                                                            Justin Simpson
K-9 Unit                                                               Brian Dirickson
School Resource Officer                                     Elda McDonald

​Jimmy Johnson                                                    Reserve Officer

Comanche County Sheriff's Office                    325-356-7533
Dispatch                                                           325-356-2222
Comanche County Attorney                              325-356-2313
District Attorney                                                 254-435-2993    
Constable                                                          325-356-5922

Click here for a list of registered Sex Offenders for your area

Sex Offender Registration by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Contact the Police Department at 325-356-3074.
Comanche Police Department
110 E. Grand
(325) 356-3074
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